Strategic Marketing Planning

Planificación Estratégica

Estrategias & Empresa, has the expertise to carry out research that will give useful information to allow the development of effective marketing strategies in your industry. With a background in Marketing Management, we can assist you in developing and launching new products and services, building new customer relationships and strengthening existing relationships. Our knowledge and expertise can help you transform your marketing challenges into marketing successes.

Estrategias & Empresa, can help you develop a Strategic Marketing Plan that focuses your resources on maximizing profits and growing your customer base in ways that contribute to the bottom line with:

  • A summary of your primary competitive strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in each community or market area you serve
  • Identification of customer/member and market performance opportunities and goals
  • Identification of targeted market segments and their profiles, financial needs and communication preferences
  • Prioritized strategies to strengthen customer relationships and acquire targeted segments
  • An evaluation of your current retail and commercial product line - up
  • Assistance in developing a detailed 12 - month marketing calendar with tactical action steps
  • Assistance in completing an individual product plan for each retail and business product

Marketing plans developed by Estrategias & Empresa ensure that the company has SMART objectives (Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic and Timed), which will focus the whole organization on the strategic direction of the company. We aim to make our clients the best in their field not just 'another company' in their field. Today, marketing communications components that were once isolated and independent are integrated. Advertising, sales, promotion, direct marketing, public relations and web marketing work in concert. Estrategias & Empresa assures that marketing objectives and brand positions are achieved through a customer - defined, coordinated set of communications tactics.